Kirsten Asher

Health Wellness Programs - Kirsten

Coming from a world of creativity and self expression as a Podcast host, Visual Storyteller, former Stuntwoman and Integrity Consultant, Kirsten knows first hand how important it is to have compassion for yourself and the world around you, step outside of societal norms for young women and strive for more.

Using her experience and ability to support and develop elite achievers, build relationships, communication, and human optimization through mind-body connection, Kirsten created a system and process for her clients to increase integrity and create efficiency for them to accomplish and execute their greatest visions.

Kirsten is passionate about creating a world in which we can all prosper and live up to our greatest potential. She started “it’s possible” podcast sharing her philosophy that possibilities are endless when you align and activate yourself through practicality and mindfulness.

She is extremely excited to hold a position as Co-Chair for Girl Hacks alongside increible and distinguished women.