Why Contribute

 ​Our mission is to provide 17-22 year old girls access to community support, resources and information they need to navigate their lives from a place of sovereignty, self-awareness and discernment. We have seen time and again that this has a positive ripple effect that benefits the collective, and every person whose life is touched by the transformation and empowerment that occurs on these girls paths. Over the past decade, many research studies such as this one have been conducted that demonstrate profound evidence that when girls are empowered to live to their full potential, everyone benefits exponentially.​

When Giving

 As the above study compellingly demonstrates, the wisdom of today’s times is echoing the realization that it is time to “shift away from seeing girls as beneficiaries of health and development programs to viewing them as AGENTS OF CHANGE for their own individual and collective empowerment.

The tools that GirlHackers harvest from our trainings, workshops, and professional certification courses will be a catalyst for purposeful action in their lives, which will impact entire families and in truth the whole world also gains.

We encourage you to donate generously by following the link here.