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Life Transforming Programs

Girl Hacks is a non-profit organization providing access to life-transforming programs, tools and education that inspire girls to be confident in making healthy choices for their lives in pursuit of their dreams.

Girl Hacks provides a safe space in which girls can come together and discover the power, purpose, and wisdom that lies within themselves and share it together in community to create sistership.

Our offerings help girls access deep and unshakable self-love, confidence, and an experiential knowing that their unique gifts matter. Instilling them with a deep value and truly important trust in themselves in our ever-evolving world.

Life Transforming Programs - Girl Hacks

Why Give

Our mission is to provide 17-22 year old girls access to community support, resources and information they need to navigate their lives from a place of sovereignty, self-awareness and discernment. We have seen time and again that this has a positive ripple effect that benefits the collective, and every person whose life is touched by the transformation and empowerment that occurs on these girls paths. Over the past decade, many research studies such as this one have been conducted that demonstrate profound evidence that when girls are empowered to live to their full potential, everyone benefits exponentially.

Get Involved

If you would like to get involved and find out more about our current programs and offerings, the first step is to subscribe to our updates here. You will receive a ‘Girl Hacks Gift Bundle’ delivered to your inbox, which includes a guided ‘Empowerment, Self-Love & Sovereignty’ meditation, and a beautiful printable PDF of ‘10 Self-Love Mantras To Use Daily.’
The next step is to visit us at and check out some of our inspirational blog posts and resources that are available to our community there. There is also a vibrant online interactive community that you can join via that website, and have engaging conversations with GirlHackers around the world!
Once you’ve been an active member of our GirlHacks online community for a minimum of three months, you can begin applying for a sponsorship for one of our upcoming trainings.

Life Transforming Programs - Girl Hacks
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